Poduyane railway station

Poduyane railway station was built in 1930 on a project by arch. Panayot Kalchev – one of the most prominent architects / designers of railway stations in Bulgaria. The project combines an outstanding industrial design, but also a greatly expanded civilian functionality. Although not a cultural monument, the building has a huge cultural and historical heritage.

Poduyane is a main permanent place for all travelers in southern and eastern Bulgaria and the sea side and is very close to the central eastern part of Sofia. There are hundreds of travelers passing by daily and even more on holidays.

For the past 15 years, I have traveled from here many times and I am not impressed by the total degradation that happens at the station. There are no investments in maintenance and repair, only a deterioration of the situation with years.

I hope there will be a positive development soon, and as the central station is completely renewed same to happen with Poduyane and to restore its brilliance, so it will be more enjoyable to travel with this cleaner and more economical transportation.

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