Long tele photo or macro lens

In the last few months, with the coming of spring and the return to life, I began to shoot quite intensively wild animals and birds.

The combination of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II + 300mm f / 4 PRO (+ TC-1.4) offers excellent hand-held shooting capabilities, the equipment is lightweight and compact enough to be carried all day lon, and dual stabilisations that are working in sync helps for much easier framing and sharper shots, even with a teleconverter that equals 840mm equivalent to 35mm.

The bird shooting situation is such that there is plenty of waiting and searching moments, and it’s always good to have enough time to fill these pauses.

Thanks to the extremely close-up capabilities of the m.Zuiko 300mm f/4 PRO, only 1.4 meter, the lens provide great opportunities for shooting flowers, plants and insects, and I would not say that it is far from a macro lens.

Here I share a few photos of the last few weeks all made with this combination to show off the capabilities it provides for close-up shooting.


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