Anastas Tarpanov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1980, and was interested in photography from the start. He pursued photography as a hobby until his late 20s. Anastas has participated in several Bulgarian exhibitions and he is having a World Press Photo award. He is working as a freelance journalist sharing stories from around the world.



  • Patina – stories of patina and transfiguration from the village of Dolen 2015


  • International Competition for a National Prize in Black and White Photography “Anastas Karastoyanov” 2018
  • Sofia European capital of sport 2018
  • Ancient Bulgarian Customs and Traditions 2017-18 (Russia, Hungary, Italy)
  • BG Press Photo 2017
  • BG Press Photo 2016
  • International Photo Salon Plovdiv 2014
  • World Press Photo 2014
  • Flash Music 2013
  • Flash Music 2012
  • Flash music 2011