Anastas Tarpanov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1980. His career started in 2006 and in 2014 he received the 2nd award in the Sports Feature category of World Press Photo. After 2015 he moved to long-term documentary projects. The main topic in his work is social issues, environmental subjects related to nature violations and human-animal conflict. He is a regular participant in BG Press photo, and also part of a local professional association promoting photography with exhibitions worldwide. In 2015 he had an individual show – Patina. Participant in 2019 Nikon-NOOR Academy and VII Academy 2019-2020 fellow.



  • Patina – stories of patina and transfiguration from the village of Dolen 2015


  • BG Press Photo 2020
  • 144000 Minutes – Monochrome Hub Valencia
  • International Competition for a National Prize in┬áBlack and White Photography “Anastas Karastoyanov” 2018
  • Sofia European capital of sport 2018
  • Ancient Bulgarian Customs and Traditions 2017-18 (Russia, Hungary, Italy)
  • BG Press Photo 2017
  • BG Press Photo 2016
  • International Photo Salon Plovdiv 2014
  • World Press Photo 2014
  • Flash Music 2013
  • Flash Music 2012
  • Flash music 2011


  • NOOR Academy Sofia 2019
  • VII Academy Sarajevo 2019-2020